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Lillypops FUNdraiser for Your Organization


Created by 12-year-old Lilly Trentacosta, Lillypops are gourmet lollipops that come in six delicious flavors: Cherry, Cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, Peach,  and  Watermelon. 

Part of Lillypops core mission is to donate a portion of each sale to local and national charities. We would like to work with your organization to help raise money. 

Why Lillypops?
   1) Everyone loves lollipops
   2) Low start-up cost
   3) If you are selling well, we send you more, so you're not paying for products you don't use
   4) They look good and taste better 
   5) Everyone has $2
   6) We can customize flavors/ colors to match your school colors or offer a rainbow assortment.


How it works:
   1) Each Lillypop is sold for $2
   2) You buy the Lillypops for $1
   3) 25% down
  4) if you are selling well will provide more Lillypops 

Goal: Raise $500
Upfront costs are 0%-10% (depending on the event)

You get 500 Lillypops - sell each for $2 = $1000 ($500 for the organization)
If you are not able to sell  500 Lillypops, we will take them back (within 4 weeks of initial drop off).


Your organization gets to raise money while promoting school spirit and teamwork amongst your students and community. 

Lillypops are great to sell at:
Sporting  events, school plays, dance recitals, school store, money for band performances, choir trips, sports team, or a worthy cause.

For more information, please email