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Meet The Founder of Lillypops 

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Lilly Trentacosta, started Lillypops when she was 11 years old (she is now 15). The idea came to her while sitting at home looking for something interesting to do. That is when she decided she wanted to be an entrepreneur and what better business than something she loved...candy. 


She researched what it took to become a business (commercial kitchen, food handlers license, incorporation papers...etc)  and followed her dream,  The piece of her business plan that won over her investors (her parents) was giving back to charity. She has donated thousands of dollars to local and national charities and has been featured in many magazines and TV programs. 

Lilly is available to video chat with your classes, troops, and organizations. She can discuss how Lillypops was started and where it's going, how to take an idea to a business, following your dream and the need to make the world a better place. 

If you are interested, email us at

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